HETS Status

The HIPPAA Eligibility Transaction System

HETS Services

By going to https://www.cms.gov anyone is able to see information regarding Medicare and Medicaid services. This website also has the ability to utilize the HETS ( The HIPPAA Eligibility Transaction System ) service. This service allows anyone eligible to utilize Medicare (65 years or older) to obtain eligibility data from Medicare providers, suppliers or authorized billing agents. Having this system in place allows anyone that is eligible a quick resource towards getting their Medicaid and Medicare insurance.

Medicare Eligibility

The HETS Service helps in creating an accurate Medicare Claim, determining beneficiary liability or eligibility for specific services. This is privileged information for the provider, supplier, or beneficiary for whom a claim is filed. The HETS system is currently for high volume providers who frequently check medicare eligibility. They are now testing the possibility of providing this service to people who check for medicare infrequently. After meeting the requirements for obtaining this information you can create an account on their website and gain all the benefits of receiving the before mentioned information.