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3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Insurance Website

Websites make powerful marketing tools. They have the potential to attract new customers daily. What if you’re not getting any visitors? Low traffic volume often occurs when agents don’t promote their sites. If you have this issue, there are three ways you can draw attention your website.

1. Use Online Advertising

Most consumers shop for goods and services online. Make it easy for prospects to find you by using the following types of internet-based ads:

• Social media
• Display
• Video

With highly-targeted messaging, you can drive prospects to your site. Insurance marketing agencies are a good choice for creating effective online ad campaigns.

2. Ask People to Visit

Insurance is a people business. As an agent, you spend much of your time interacting with prospects. Use those opportunities to share your site. Ask potential clients to visit. You can do this during:

• Networking events
• Email correspondences
• Phone conversations

3. Improve Search Engine Optimization

People use specific keywords when they’re looking for insurance online. Make sure your agency shows up in the search engine results. You can do this by optimizing your site with those keywords. For help with implementing an effective SEO strategy, research the various insurance marketing agencies.

Investing in online ads, asking for visits and using SEO are simple promotional tips. Doing these three small things can make a big impact on your website traffic.

Henry Henrynms (Author)