Important Tasks After Wedding

3 Important Tasks You’ll Need To Complete After Your Wedding

After spending so much time fawning over flowers, deciding on dresses and picking the place to hold your wedding, you may think all the decision-making is done now that you’re a newlywed. However, starting a new life together comes with some extra planning and three important tasks.

Name Change

If you’re taking your husband’s last name, you’ll need to make it official on your Social Security card and driver’s license before you can change it anywhere else. Most times, you’ll simply need to provide an official copy of your marriage license. Check with your state’s requirements before heading out.

Insurance Update

It’s a good idea to call or visit your insurance agency in Ann Arbor MI to get a new policy or update existing coverage. Many couples choose to combine policies to have a single auto or renter’s policy for cost savings or purchase additional coverage such as life insurance.

Financial Update

Whether to keep finances separate or together is a personal decision, but having at least one account in both names makes paying bills and cashing checks written to both spouses much easier. Also, review beneficiary designations on insurance policies and other financial instruments to reflect your new spouse.

With the wedding over and your new life just beginning, you can make a smooth transition into your happily-ever-after by first taking care of what’s necessary.

Henry Henrynms (Author)