Building Processes
Building Processes

Building Processes for a Successful Grow

If you’re entering the cannabis industry as a grower, you need to understand the profound differences between a successful personal grow and a commercial operation. In business, your success is about your ability to put processes in place that guarantee consistent quality no matter who is working the current shift. It’s no different in cannabis cultivation, it’s just a matter of identifying the tasks that have to be kept in balance. The tough part is balancing the care for the plants and monitoring of their health against the other day to day needs of the operation, like trimming, harvesting, or other support operations.

Consistency Is Vital

Without the processes to support quality work in each of these areas, your output will wind up being inconsistent because your workers will all be using their own judgment and not a unified standard. Sometimes this works out, especially if every worker is an expert. Most of the time, though, differences in experience lead to some employees with knowledge gaps letting subpar product through. In some stages of cultivation, the decisions in question could even ruin a crop, because processes like Ph control or nutrient feeding schedules affect the whole crop.

Risk Management Processes for Cannabis Businesses

Cultivation processes are important, but so are risk management processes. If you don’t have a solid cannabis-specific insurance provider, it’s time to find one. The expertise brought by agents who understand your business model can’t be underestimated. Neither can the importance of regular reviews of your coverage, to keep your policy updated as you grow.

Henry Henrynms (Author)