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Covering for E&O in Your Insurance Business

Insuring other businesses is an important job. Of course, though, there are various risks involved, especially in a profession where you must manage another business’s money and financial needs. Covering your own insurance agency E&O with a professional liability policy can protect

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Keep Calm and Be Insured

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and dreams. You know that a successful business relies upon great service and products delivered in a timely manner. Unfortunately, sometimes errors are made that cause your clients and

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Benefits of Workers’ Compensation

No one likes to think about accidents happening on the job, but sometimes they do occur. With a good workers’ compensation policy in Texas, you can protect yourself and your employees, and you can increase the safety of your workplace. A good

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Setting Up a Staffing Agency for Success

When running a staffing agency, there are many steps that can be taken to ensure its success. Taking measures to create an effective employee-matching system, finding innovative ways to make an agency stand out against competitors and putting protections in place such

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What is Workers Comp Insurance?

Workers Compensation insurance is a type of insurance held by employers that pay benefits to employees for injuries incurred on the job. It typically covers medical and rehabilitation costs as well as lost wages. Most states in the United States effectively require