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4 Basic Coverages Every Business Owner Needs

When you own a business, you are responsible for every aspect of that business. You need insurance policies that protect the physical property, equipment, your workers and the company itself. When you are looking for Glendale insurance agencies to ensure your business,

Merrimac Marine

Supplement Seamen Liability Coverage

There are many federal regulations guiding companies that operate on land and sea, and many of them are designed to protect more than U.S. interests. Most notably, federal and state laws often protect the labor force. Companies who deal with land-based operations

David Sayles Insurance

Importers and Exporters Insurance Made Simple

Risk is an everyday factor in the import-export business, and importers/exporters insurance helps those in the business mitigate the risk. For those of you who seek this type of insurance, here’s a quick look at the basics. Understanding Importers/Exporters Insurance It is

Don’t Let Payroll Ghosts Haunt Your Company

Most ordinary people have heard of ghostwriters and Casper the Friendly ghost, but they have never encountered the term ghost employee. Sadly, more and more business owners are running into the now all-to-common term and the associated payroll scam. There is no