insurance in Florida average cost

Determining Your Boat’s Insurance Price

One of the first steps in becoming a proper boat owner is acquiring reasonable boat insurance. Many companies set rates of about 1.5% of the boat’s value. This ends up costing many owners anywhere from $400 to $1,000 per month. Although each


Why Get Insurance for Your Vape Shop

Owning a shop that focuses on electronic cigarettes has the potential to be very profitable with all of the popularity that vaping has been getting. However, one key step to making sure it is a success should be to look into quality

Texas Transportation liability coverage

Addressing Challenges Facing the Trucking Industry

Running a trucking company means understanding changing regulations, rising costs, and driver shortages, all of which make a difficult task that much harder. Delivering goods, both interstate and intrastate takes lots of manpower and long hours. It’s an industry fraught with risks