Choosing a Benefits Package for Your Employees

As a business owner, you understand the importance of choosing a good benefits package to entice top quality candidates to your company. Offering a competitive salary is the most important decision, but perks like vacation time and profit sharing opportunities may be just what it takes to separate your company from your competitors.

Types of Benefits

There are different types of employee benefits to consider. Some benefits are essential for your workers, like health insurance and family medical leave. Dental and vision insurance are important to many employees as well. Other benefits to consider include:

  • Vacation Package – Make sure you offer a good paid vacation package to your employees. They need to know that you reward their hard work by giving them time to relax and refuel.
  • Retirement Services – 401K offerings are enticing to employees. If you offer to contribute a certain percentage to employees’ contributions, it makes the plan even more appealing.
  • Profit Sharing – By offering to share a portion of the company’s profits with your employees, they are motivated to work even harder.

Other employee benefits that cost little or no money can also make employees feel valued. Such things as pizza lunches for reaching specific goals can go a long way in improving morale.

Treat your employees well and they will reward you with loyalty and hard work.