home insurance in Connecticut
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Choosing Homeowners Insurance

Where you live affects how you make many choices. Making a choice on the right home insurance in Connecticut is no different.

What It Costs

In general, coverage for Connecticut homes is over 25% less than the national average rate. The amount you pay, though, depends on factors such as home condition, location, area crime rates and regional weather. Ways to reduce premiums include choosing a lower deductible and bundling home coverage with other types of insurance offered by the company. You may also reap rewards for staying with the company for a long period and having a claim-free record.

What It Covers

Homeowners coverage typically includes your personal property, other structures and loss of use. It generally does not cover floods. Discuss with your agent what property needs to be covered and the best way to accomplish that protection. The basic terms of a policy may not offer sufficient coverage for damage to amenities such as pools or outbuildings, including fences. Supplemental policies to cover watercraft, collectibles, art and jewelry are available.

It’s important to take stock of all the property you own, not just the structure you live in. This will aid you in finding home insurance in Connecticut that can offer the coverage you need at the best price.

Henry Henrynms (Author)