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Does Your Business Need Public or General Liability Protection?

Opening your operation without insurance coverage is a risky proposition, which is why no one recommends it, even if it happens a fair portion of the time for small companies that are entirely owner-operated. If your business is open to the public, you need to make sure you’re covered before running the risk of having people in your facilities. That means taking out liability insurance of one form or another. General liability is the most common type, and it covers your employees, visitors to your place of business, and members of the public who come in. That means you’re covered if anything happens to another company’s employee while they are there to meet you, as well as in the case of an accident that injures a customer, and it also has protections against product liability and workmanship problems.

Public Liability: A Cost-Saving Alternative

The robust protection of general liability is good if you need it, but what about if you don’t? If your business is open to the public and you are not in need of the additional protections offered by general liability, then your business is probably going to fit right into the public liability insurance definition and its parameters. This coverage allows your business to avoid paying for protection that doesn’t fit its model of operation, as explained at

Henry Henrynms (Author)