Educational Malpractice
Educational Malpractice

Don’t Buy Into the Myths: Protect Your School Against Educational Malpractice

In education, not all students have positive results. Unfortunately, if the student does not succeed, suing a school for educational malpractice can occur. Some educators take it less seriously, due to the myths surrounding educational malpractice.

Educational Malpractice Is Rare

While there is some validity to the idea that educational malpractice is rare, it still happens. As with most insurance policies, most people hope never to have to use the coverage. Despite being a rarity, educational malpractice can devastate an educational facility and it is always better to be protected.

Educational Malpractice Lawsuits Go Nowhere

Educational malpractice lawsuits are commonly thrown out by the court because they are difficult for a plaintiff to prove. After all, the plaintiff has to show that the school failed to meet its obligation or duty of care. Also, that negligence has to have caused some harm to the person. A lawsuit cannot be filed without damages.

A plaintiff can claim that due to poor education, the student does not have the skills of others with the same education and hence cannot attend higher education or cannot find employment. Even if there is no validity to the claim, schools still must play defense and court fees out of pocket.

Many of the schools that face malpractice lawsuits are schools that already have lower funding. To be hit with a lawsuit can cause more harm to educators.

Henry Henrynms (Author)