Caregiver Support
Caregiver Support

Essential Caregiver Support

As the population continues to age, the specialized care the elderly require often includes the need for full-time staff attention or home visits by a caregiver. A special bond often develops between the patient and workers when long hours are spent together relating memories of times long past. Perhaps that is why coping with loss as a caregiver is sometimes overwhelming. To protect the facility and staff during these grieving times, purchasing a risk management and liability insurance program is essential.

Sense of Loss

Grieving when someone you know passes away is a normal process, but coping with loss as a caregiver is often overlooked as a part of the job. The friendship that developed between the deceased and the worker can leave an intense sense of loss. Some caregivers also lose their job at the moment of death, which can intensify the grief.

Grief Support

There are many ways caregiving facilities can offer grief support to staff. Here are the top three:

  • Allow staff members time to grieve
  • Provide training about what to expect
  • Provide grief counseling or therapy

To protect the caregiver from accusations, lawsuits, and grieving loved one’s anxieties, a risk and grief support system is crucial, but so is a general liability protection insurance policy. Knowing they are protected can help your staff both mentally and emotionally while coping with loss as a caregiver.

Henry Henrynms (Author)