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Examining Three Under-The-Radar Trucking Insurance Coverages

As the owner of a trucking company, transportation insurance means much more than just protection against accidents. While truck liability insurance may be the most important, there are other coverages that you need to include in your policy as a viable trucking business. Below are three key coverages that are often understated.

Truckers Pollution Insurance

Coverage for pollution is often excluded from standard auto and general liability policies. If you’re carrying hazardous materials that release pollutants, you should ensure that your policy includes, at minimum, Truckers Broadened Pollution endorsement, but most likely full pollution coverage.

Commercial Property Insurance

You may have coverage for your truck and cargo, but what about your other business property? Having a clear understanding of your full operations and your level of exposure will help your agent craft a policy to protect your property.

Trailer Interchange/Non-Owned Trailer Insurance

There may come a time when you have custody of someone else’s trailer and you need protection. Trailer interchange coverage is available when you have a formal trailer interchange agreement and it protects the trailer whether or not it’s attached to your truck. Non-owned trailer coverage protects the trailer if there’s no agreement in place but only when the trailer is attached to your truck.

There are many other coverages that are key components to your transportation insurance policy. Work with your insurance agent to ensure that your full policy meets your needs.

Henry Henrynms (Author)