Watercolor Management
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Helping You Build Customizable and Reliable Insurance Coverage

Whether you own a local well or provide a whole city with water, you know the importance of protecting your clients’ well-being. Why not provide that some protection for your business?

Watercolor Management has catered to the needs of water treatment clients for three decades. Our underwriters and brokers are understanding of the exposures and requirements of your vital industry. We can work with your specific coverage requirements to craft all-encompassing policies with competitive prices.

Who Do We Cover?

Our team is trained to assist a variety of water treatment clients. These include:

  • Water Testing Labs
  • Water Treatment Chemical Providers and Makers
  • Water Treatment Firms
  • Septic Suppliers
  • Sewage Programs
  • Groundwater Drillers and Labs
  • Well Owners

Watercolor Management is also ready to help geothermal developers and suppliers, water purification operations, purified water suppliers, portable toilet companies, septic tank installers and a multitude of other relevant businesses.

What Kind of Coverage Do We Provide?

Our underwriters know the exposures of your business that need protection. That is why we are happy to provide pollution liability, property insurance, product liability, cyber and crime liability, completed operations liability, machinery insurance and plenty more relevant policies.

Our dedicated team offers you distinctive customer service for an understanding insurance process from start to end. Contact Watercolor Management and protect your assets today.

Henry Henrynms (Author)