grocery store premises liability

How Grocery Stores Can Protect Themselves From Premises Liability Claims

Grocery stores face a unique set of liability concerns. They need to exercise several risk mitigation strategies to protect themselves from various types of claims.

Security Coverage  

Compared to most retail stores, grocery stores draw in a greater number of customers every day. With a large volume of foot traffic as well as a large square footage of operating space, grocery store premises liability is a significant concern. It is advisable to equip the premises with security cameras that can help managers stay apprised of what’s happening throughout a store and also protect the store in the event of a fraudulent claim.

Accident Prevention

Grocers need to take active measures to ensure that their stores are as physically safe as possible. Staff needs to be vigilant about keeping items off the floor that could cause someone to slip, particularly in the produce aisle. Shelving has to be securely fixed to the floor so that it doesn’t fall when somebody is maneuvering to reach something on a high surface.

Implementing security controls, training staff to be conscientious about safety, and periodically inspecting the premises’ physical safety can help reduce a grocery store’s liability exposure. In addition, they should work with an insurance company that is experienced in serving clients in their industry to ensure that they will have adequate coverage lines and levels.

Henry Henrynms (Author)