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Ideas Designed to Increase Revenues

Everyone needs insurance at some point in his or her life. The trick is to be the one that introduces them to products and services that will benefit their needs. In order to sell insurance, an agent must continue to come up with a fresh approach in order to create an interest in the particular products they offer. Using a few insurance marketing ideas that are proven effective could help boost exposure and lead to sales.

Hosting a seminar requires some promotion, but hosting seminars that illustrate financial planning and ways to save money on policies can be real attention grabbers. Invite the audience to a local chamber, or a community center and present a topic that is time sensitive, one that focuses on many of today’s concerns and issues.

Local networking events

Networking events are designed so that businesspeople can meet up and make a few valuable contacts. Make sure to follow up with anyone that may assist with personal insurance marketing goals, hopefully by giving you referrals. Put the focus on what everyone can do to help each other be more successful and hopefully these efforts will pay dividends.

Having strong relationships with the community is perhaps one of the most powerful marketing tools an agent can possess. Strengthen these relationships by calling other professionals in the community and asking them questions. The relationship will gradually develop and this can often result in numerous referrals. Referrals are often the foundation for an insurance agency’s success.

Handing out business cards can be one of the keys to your success. Take advantage of what some of the most successful insurance agents can attest to. Even if you’re just at the local coffee shop, if you engage with someone, and they seem interested in what you have to say, make sure you give them a business card and let them know it’s okay to call anytime if they have any questions.

Improve your Google ranking

Google ranks local businesses based on three things: location, relevance, and prominence. Location shows searches near the physical location of the business. Relevance shows searches for terms related to insurance, and prominence means how often Google comes across a business name, address, and phone number when they people surf the web. When you rank high you’re going to get a lot more activity on your website.


Henry Henrynms (Author)