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The Importance of Homeowners’ Insurance

Home insurance in Bergen County is one of those things you pay for and hope you never have to use. Sometimes it can be hard to stomach the expense of intangible products. Insurance provides a safety net in case of a disaster. Fires, natural disasters, and theft can be a devastating experience.

Most basic homeowners’ policies cover damage to your home caused by fire, hurricane, vandalism, lightning and some other specifically covered disasters. If you have a lot of expensive assets like fur and jewelry, you may need to purchase additional coverage. Make sure to check with your agent to make sure you are covered in all areas of interest.

Many home insurance policies do not cover flooding. This includes water damage due to a burst pipe. Even if you are not in a flood zone, consider purchasing additional flood insurance. Water damage is more common than you would think and can cause real issues. Leaky roofs, HVAC problems, sewage backup and broken pipes are just a few things that can lead to severe damage to your home.

Do what is necessary to be able to afford insurance. You could face losing your home if the damage is extensive enough. Your home is most likely your largest asset. Budget your expenses and cut costs where necessary. Home insurance in Bergen County might not be required by law, but it is a necessity.

Henry Henrynms (Author)