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Important Information About Manufactured Home Insurance

A manufactured home is exactly what it sounds like, a home that was manufactured and not custom built, such as a mobile home. As a manufactured home differs from other types of homes, so does its insurance. There are a few important differences to consider when purchasing insurance for your manufactured home. Be sure to discuss these factors with your Connecticut home insurance company.

One of the biggest differences between manufactured homes and other homes is that many manufactured homes can be transported and moved. Many companies therefore offer the option to cover your home while it is being transported so that you don’t have to worry about damage sustained to your home while it is being moved. Another important option to consider is replacement coverage, which will cover the cost of replacement for your home in the event that it is lost. If you do want to have this coverage, be sure to ask about whether or not depreciation is factored in so you can get the best value. In line with replacement cost is the coverage for living expenses in the event that you lose your home. This can be easily overlooked, but having the ability to be reimbursed for hotels and temporary living while your home is being rebuilt can save you from a lot of worry and debt.

Henry Henrynms (Author)