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Insurance Options Temporary Staffing Agencies May Have Missed

Temporary staffing agencies have a lot of responsibility. Across various industries, sending employees to work for clients can be a huge undertaking. Many agencies make sure they keep an updated insurance policy that suits their needs in their unique workplace, but if they’re not careful, they could expose themselves to some pretty hefty risks. A basic policy might work, but the right insurance professional can customize a policy or additional plans to make sure the coverage suits the business. Even if an agency already has a solid temporary staffing insurance plan, here are some areas of added coverage that are worth considering.

Property coverage can be useful in case of damage to equipment, furniture, computers and other items. Any company that uses computers in any capacity should consider cyber liability insurance and computers and media coverage. Data breaches and malicious viruses can wreak havoc on networks and reputations. If a business uses company-owned cars, business auto insurance would be required in the event of an accident. Though the bulk of employees mainly work outside the office, a number of things could happen to interrupt the daily operations. In the event of fire or flood, business interruption coverage could help cover costs when the business is forced to close. By consulting an expert agency, companies should be able to craft the right mix of temporary staffing insurance products to best suit the business.

Henry Henrynms (Author)