welding and fabrication insurance
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Insuring Your Metalworking Shop

The welding industry relies on several types of machinery and tool processes to successfully support manufacturing needs. The different operations present a challenge to a general liability policy, and more comprehensive coverage addressing the potential can be found in welding and fabrication insurance.

The Support of General Liability

Many welding techniques present fire hazards, and a general commercial insurance policy usually included coverage in the event of a fire. These processes also have the potential to cause damage to property, and the entire service may introduce new hazards to third-parties. General liability offers support in situations with these occurrences.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

The elements of danger present during a welding or fabrication process present risks to employee safety and well-being. As you design a policy specific to your business and services, you should include workers’ comp coverage. In most states, this is already a requirement.

Add-Ons for the Policy

In addition to the general liability and workers’ comp inclusions, a more tailored coverage policy may include the following add-ons:

  • Equipment malfunction and breakdown- includes compressors or torches and covers costs for repair or replacement
  • Employee dishonesty- for situations where expensive tools and equipment may occasionally turn up missing
  • Business Income and extra expenses- when operations are suspended for property damaged and income is lost

Protecting your welding business from the potential risks included safety assessment and risk management practices, but it should also include a strong policy issued by a qualified welding and fabrication insurance company.

Henry Henrynms (Author)