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Is Your Bar Covered if There’s a Fight?

Alcohol can cause an impairment in judgment and makes people believe they can do extraordinary things. Too much alcohol can contribute to arguments between people, even in friendly situations. These verbal disagreements can quickly become heated and escalate into physical altercations. Are you prepared for the damages that may result? It’s important to make sure your bar liquor liability coverage is comprehensive enough to cover these types of incidents.

Physical fights are not necessarily covered by your insurance policy. Some insurance brokers offer programs that add it to your policy. Incidents between patrons and those involving employees and patrons should be covered. Assault and battery insurance programs can cover both bodily injury and property damage resulting from patron-on-patron and agent-on-patron disputes. If you don’t have sufficient insurance, the gap in coverage can be quite costly.

As a business owner, insurance coverage is essential for a variety of scenarios. As a bar owner, you need to be prepared for all physical altercations that may occur in or near your establishment. Whether the incident involves customers fighting with each other, or an employee escorting a rowdy patron out, you may incur costs for damages to person and/or property. Having the proper bar liquor liability coverage is imperative. Check your coverage now before it’s too late.

Henry Henrynms (Author)