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Managing Risk for Your Assisted Living Facility

When you own an assisted living facility, the safety and welfare of your patients is likely your primary concern. Managing your own risk may also be on your mind, though. Through assisted living insurance and quality training for everyone who works at your facility, you can minimize risks and serve your customers better.

A qualified insurance agent who understands the assisted living industry can put together a portfolio of policies that ensures all your bases are covered. Your agent is likely to suggest various liability coverages, such as professional liability, directors and officers liability and umbrella policies for costs that go beyond basic liability. Your building and any automobiles you use in your services should also be covered by your insurance package. Assisted living insurance should encompass unique risks associated with your industry, such as resident rights and some form of malpractice coverage.

Training is also an important part of risk management. While insurance covers the cost of problems after they’ve occurred, proper education can curtail the problems in the first place. Because it is in everyone’s best interest for your facility to have well-trained staff, an insurance agent who specializes in assisted living coverage can help guide your training programs with his or her expertise. Coupled with a sound insurance package, this training helps you minimize risk and facilitates a successful enterprise.

Henry Henrynms (Author)