Prevent Home from Flooding
Prevent Home From Flooding

Modifying Your Home to Prevent Flooding

When your house is threatened by flooding, it is difficult to prevent the waters from seeping into the home and causing damage. However, there are ways to flood-proof your house and protect your belongings. By using a sewage water backstop and other methods, you can prevent destructive floodwaters from compromising your property.

Modify the Landscape

Your surrounding landscape can be modified to avoid water from entering your house. In building up the elevation of the landscape, you can channel floodwater and divert it to a municipal sewer. It is also recommended that you incorporate permeable surfaces into the landscape so that water soaks into the ground instead of making a beeline for your house. Some additional landscape modifications include:

  • Adding shrubs and bushes
  • Digging channels
  • Using gravel driveways and pavement

Create a BarrierĀ 

Floodwaters will not always seep in from the outside; they can also enter through backed-up sewage lines. With a sewage water backstop, you create a barrier that will redirect the water from your home. While this method does not block water entirely, the backstop provides enough of a barrier to prevent a huge amount of water from coming into the house. The sewage water backstop will make sure that your pipes and drains are not overwhelmed during a flood.

Henry Henrynms (Author)