Boat Insurance

Proper Boating Guidelines

People who ride boats should know that there are certain rules they must follow. By maintaining boating etiquette, you ensure your safety as well as the safety of others. Many boating insurance agents will school their customers about boating guidelines because they want them to avoid the pitfalls that will raise their rates.

Appropriate Behavior

It is beneficial to be friendly to other boaters while on the water. Be sure to wave to them. Doing so signals that you notice them and that you are not using your boat for nefarious actions. Boaters who interact amicably with one another are more likely to help each other out. If a boater needs your assistance, do your best to provide it. You could end up saving someone’s life or prevent property damage from occurring.

Inappropriate Behavior

Do not position your boat near other vessels, especially vessels that are engaged in water sports. If your boat is too close to another, you may end up in an accident. One of the worse things you can do while on the water is litter. Wherever it happens, littering reduces water quality and harms aquatic life. Refrain from doing it. Place trash cans or bags within your boat so that your guests can adequately dispose of any waste.

Be a responsible boater. Maintain proper ettiqute.

Henry Henrynms (Author)