Protect Your Small Business

Cyberattacks are real and everyone is vulnerable. It’s not just large corporations or government databases that hackers target. Small businesses are often less protected and easier marks. The importance of cybersecurity for small business owners cannot be overstated. There are several precautions that are essential.


A firewall is a vital line of defense in small business cybersecurity. It is a program that blocks third parties from accessing your system. Firewalls come with most operating systems, but it’s a good idea to purchase a separate and stronger program. If you have employees who work from home, make sure they have firewalls installed on their computers as well.

Train Your Employees

Knowledge can be a powerful defense. Train all of your employees in proper cybersecurity protocols and procedures. Ensure that they understand the guidelines for protecting the company’s and the customers’ data.

Keep Your Software Current

Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are a must. But hackers are constantly developing new threats and your protection has to keep up. Be vigilant about updates for your protection software and install it as soon as it’s available.

Protect Mobile Devices

Mobile devices often have access to sensitive information and are also vulnerable to a cyberattack. They must also be protected with data encryption, strong passwords and up-to-date security apps.

A small business is every bit at risk for a cyberattack as a large one. Protect your company by taking the vital steps to keep it safe.