Reducing Your Risk: Home Healthcare Workers

When you provide home healthcare services, you’re at higher risk than providing those same services in a managed care environment. You may encounter aggressive pets, equally aggressive people, or dirty surroundings in addition to the standard risks associated with healthcare. Following home healthcare guidelines issued by OSHA and ensuring you are properly insured can mitigate or even eliminate some of those risks.

Special-Circumstance Risks

Anytime there’s a specific, short-term risk, such as the recent COVID pandemic, OSHA will issue a special Emergency Temporary Standard for healthcare workers, including a drill-down with special home healthcare guidelines. Make sure to check their website regularly for updated information on best practices. They also issue guidance on how to plan for new risks, update employee training and conduct a risk analysis.

Standard Guidance

Beyond special circumstances like the recent pandemic, it is always important to stay on top of the latest OSHA guidance. Guidance includes help with topics like:

  • Occupational hazards in home healthcare.
  • Preventing workplace violence.
  • Reducing strains and sprains, the most common home healthcare injuries.
  • Preventing driving-related injuries.

As a home healthcare worker, you may feel like you already know everything you need to keep your patients and yourself safe, but keeping up with OSHA guidelines keeps you on top of the latest and best ways to stay safe.