Lender-Placed Insurance
Lender-Placed Insurance

Lender-Placed Insurance Explained

You require your borrowers to maintain adequate, continuous coverage on their mortgaged properties. This protects you and your investors should damage occur to the property you are holding as collateral for the loan. This is essential for alleviating the risk to which

PEO Insurance
PEO Insurance

Understanding PEO Insurance

Professional employment agencies are becoming more and more popular across all industries as the global economy becomes more… well, global. It’s not surprising, after all. Since they make it their business to recruit the best talent in skilled professions needed by their

Hurricane Season

Using Insurance to Get Ready For Hurricane Season

Shortly after spring ends, those individuals living in a hurricane-prone territory can expect the formation of tropical storms to begin. With high winds and battering rains, the torrential weather can change your life in a single moment as the grip of a


Why Professional Liability Insurance Is Essential in Companion Care

As America’s elderly population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the need for companion care is higher than ever. For providers, having appropriate insurance coverage is imperative. What Is Companion Care? Companion care involves assisting elderly clients with daily activities in

David Sayles Insurance

Importers and Exporters Insurance Made Simple

Risk is an everyday factor in the import-export business, and importers/exporters insurance helps those in the business mitigate the risk. For those of you who seek this type of insurance, here’s a quick look at the basics. Understanding Importers/Exporters Insurance It is

Insurance Marketing

The Dos and Don’ts of Selling Insurance to Businesses

Selling insurance to businesses is not the same as selling to individuals and families. There are certain techniques that can help agents make more business to business insurance sales, as explained by www.mavon.com. Using these methods and keeping in mind important information


Don’t Let Payroll Ghosts Haunt Your Company

Most ordinary people have heard of ghostwriters and Casper the Friendly ghost, but they have never encountered the term ghost employee. Sadly, more and more business owners are running into the now all-to-common term and the associated payroll scam. There is no