PEO Insurance
PEO Insurance

Understanding PEO Insurance

Professional employment agencies are becoming more and more popular across all industries as the global economy becomes more… well, global. It’s not surprising, after all. Since they make it their business to recruit the best talent in skilled professions needed by their clients, they make it easy to expand into a new area where you don’t necessarily know the local talent by supplying themselves as a resource for the best of the best. They can also do global or national recruiting for positions at your existing facilities, extending the range of your candidate search when you’re filling key positions. That unique role also means PEO insurance coverage is unique, so it’s not surprising that new agencies often need help understanding all the types of coverage a robust risk management plan requires.

Employers Liability and More

The most efficient way to get what your organization needs out of an insurance purchase is to work with specialists whose expertise allows them to build a custom policy around your needs. PEO policies are often limited by a per claim maximum as well as an aggregate over the life of the policy, and both need to be calibrated to suit your risks. They aren’t quite the same as a company employing people in-house to do what your staff does, but you do share some risks with your clients when your people go out to work at their facilities.

Henry Henrynms (Author)