Hurricane Season

Using Insurance to Get Ready For Hurricane Season

Shortly after spring ends, those individuals living in a hurricane-prone territory can expect the formation of tropical storms to begin. With high winds and battering rains, the torrential weather can change your life in a single moment as the grip of a dynamic storm tears through your area. That is why an important part of your hurricane storm preparedness plan is flood insurance coverage.

Choose Full Coverage

If there is one time you should never scrimp on insurance, it is when you purchase your hurricane policy. From the beginning of June through the end of November, a hurricane can whip its destructive tendrils out of the sky, causing devastating damage and terrible flooding. Fight back by purchasing a full flood insurance policy before the hurricane’s path moves through your city.

Know the Limitations

Not all flood insurance coverage is the same, so you need to know the limitations of your policy and how it will affect your home before, during, and after a hurricane strikes your area. There are hundreds of questions to ask your agent.

  • Is your basement covered?
  • Will the insurance pay for flood-damaged floors?
  • How much water needs to flood your home to be considered a problem?

It is critical you understand your policy.

Trust Your Agent

Your agent can help you find the proper flood insurance coverage for your area. Once you have your insurance in place, educating yourself on what you can do to protect your property and possessions during the hurricane season is the next important step.

Henry Henrynms (Author)