What Does a Return To Work Coordinator Do?

Employees who miss work for extended periods of time due to illness, injury, or other circumstances, can impact your business in a number of ways. While you want your team to be able to perform their best and recover in the time needed, you also know that your budget becomes tighter due to these circumstances. This is where a return to work coordinator might be of some use. These professionals help employees return to work faster in a way that works for the employee and business alike.

The Duties of the RTWC

Some of the responsibilities delegated to the RTWC include assisting the employees with a successful transition back into working, ensuring team members aren’t riding out time off benefits for longer than is necessary, and other duties that help you better manage your finances. Additionally, insurance agencies view the existence of a return to work coordinator favorably when finding rates for a business. Other advantages from using this type of professionals to help expedite a return to work for employees can include:

  • Lowered claim costs
  • Reduces premiums related to Workers’ Compensation
  • Less of a need for temp workers

Experience the Benefits

There are all kinds of advantages that come along with hiring an expert to help your employees return to work in a quick and efficient way. Learn more about what this professional does and see how you can benefit from this arrangement.