Semi Truck Insurance
Semi Truck Insurance

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Semi Truck Insurance

If you own a trucking company, you need to be able to protect your business if something goes wrong.  A vital part of protecting yourself is having a semi truck insurance policy. A good insurance company can cover the steep costs associated with claims and lawsuits and can keep you from having to cover anything out of pocket. There are a number of different policies that that you should consider.

Liability Insurance

This kind of insurance protects you from costs associated with damage done to other parties. For example, say one of your trucks damages a delivery dock while dropping off a shipment. In this circumstance, the insurer will cover the cost of any repairs necessary.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides protection for any cargo you may be carrying. If something is damaged during transit, the truck insurance company will cover the repair/replacement costs, not you.

Physical Damage Insurance

If your semi truck is damaged, this insurance will cover any repair costs. Some examples of things that are covered are accidents, storm damage, and arson. While rare, these events do happen and it is important to be protected in case something goes wrong.

As the owner of a trucking business, you need to have the right protection set up for your company. Having the right insurance can make all the difference.

Henry Henrynms (Author)