Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation in Challenging Settings

Workers’ compensation coverage is essential to protecting employees across numerous industries and settings. This includes challenging social service settings: group homes, substance abuse centers, rehab facilities, shelters, and similar facilities. Ensuring comprehensive workers compensation for tough social service risks is essential to protecting your enterprise, your staff, and your clients as well.

What Risks Do These Settings Face?

Inevitably, facilities involved in social services like the ones above, while doing vital work and providing critical services, face unique risks. These include:

  • Working with clients who have significant developmental disabilities, and/or physical and emotional trauma
  • Lack of training and support for staff, including extra long shifts
  • Unexpected emergency needs for clients
  • Unique medical risks around recovering or active drug users

These are only some of the tough social service risks faced in the above settings, all of which may prove hazardous to clients and/or to staff.

Speaking to an experienced insurer about workers compensation for tough social service risks can help provide the insurance protection your institution needs. An experienced insurer can also help you to put protocols into place — including new hiring practices, and additional trainings — to reduce risks for staff and decrease liabilities. Ultimately, the right insurance program will be vital in protecting the work your organization does, and your employees.

Henry Henrynms (Author)