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You Don’t Need to Protect Your Cleaning Company — Right?

If you think that your cleaning business doesn’t need insurance, think again. House cleaning insurance doesn’t only protect you and your employees from liabilities of all kinds, it also shows prospective clients that you care enough to spend the money on this protection.

What Will it Protect?

Know that the different types of insurance that are offered for your business will vary. You can buy as many or as few insurance policies as you consider relevant to your business, but some highlights include:

Business liability. This provides protection of you and your employees from a medical emergency, or allegations from clients (whether true or false). Such claims might include theft or property damage.

Auto coverage. If you have a company vehicle, be sure it has the same sort of protection that your one does. Consider who will be driving it and how often, and what kinds of materials you will be transporting.

Property liability. This kind of coverage protects your equipment and any furniture or stock that you use for your business.

Investing in insurance for any small business is a good idea, no matter what sort you run. Showing clients that you care about them and your company also boosts confidence and makes you look more responsible. Protect yourself and your company from any liability and potentially costly lawsuits.

Henry Henrynms (Author)